Dessert Menu

Tirami Su $8.00

lady fingers, mascarpone, marsala cream.



Cannolo Siciliano $8.50

Ricotta chocolate chip cream filled cannoli.



Tartufo $8.50 Not available during covid19

Chocolate truffle gelato.



Limoncello Cake $8.00

Limoncello sponge cake, mascarpone cream,

white chocolate.



Profitteroli $9.00 Not available during covid19

Cream puffs, hazelnut chocolate covered.



Cannoli Scafazzati $9.00

Crumbled cannoli shells,  ricotta, chocolate chips.



Assorted Sorbet $9.00 not available during covid19

Lemon, Coconut.



Spumoni $8.00 not available during covid19

Italian style ice cream.


With 30 years of experience cooking in the finest restaurants in Europe and USA owner Francesco Montalto and Chef Vincenzo Tarantino are bringing to Snoqualmie an innovative cuisine and are excited to present their vision to you and all our guests.